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Certified Organic Pork Belly

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Roughly 1.25 kg pieces.


Certified Organic Pork Belly

A fatty cut of meat which comes from the belly of the pig. With a thick layer of fat on top, and layers of marbled meat underneath, this is a delicious, flavoursome and versatile piece of meat. Perfect for a variety of cooking styles, especially popular in Asian cooking, our pork belly promises great flavour and delicious crackle in every meal.

Whether you're planning to create a mouth-watering side of crackling or have plans to indulge in a slow-cooked delight, our pork belly is a top choice. Available for purchase in any quantity, simply add this item to your cart and proceed to checkout to take advantage of our convenient delivery options to ensure your meat reaches you fresh and ready to cook.

At our store, we take pride in the quality of our meat, ensuring each product included in your order is carefully selected and packed. Don't miss out on adding this premium pork to your dinner plans. 

Buy now and experience just how good the taste and versatility of our Certified Organic Pork Belly really is. We're confident that once you try it, you'll be coming back to stock up.

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