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We are proud to work closely with OBE Organic, producing great tasting certified organic grass-fed beef that is ‘seasoned by nature.’

Located in the raw heart of Australia, OBE Organic’s heartland is Australia’s Lake Eyre Basin, one of the worlds great free-flowing inland river systems. 

During Australia’s wet season, flooding rivers and creeks flow towards Lake Eyre depositing rich nutrients into the floodplains. 

In this fertile environment, over 250 species of natural grasses, herbs and succulents grow year round for the cattle to consume. With the cattle having access to such a wide range of natural grasses, herbs, and succulents, they acquire a unique flavour and are ‘seasoned by nature.’ 
Raised naturally with no growth hormones, antibiotics or cattle dips, these cattle are raised in fresh air and sunshine, drinking clean water, and grazing on natural, pristine pastures untouched by chemicals and pesticides. 

Not only do these cattle have access to pristine drinking water and native grasses, they also get to roam freely in a natural environment and live life as nature intended. True free roaming cattle with 1 beast to every 150 acres. Living a natural life ensures the animal is happy and healthy and produces the most nutritious meat. Studies show that certified organic grass-fed and finished beef contains higher amounts of essential omega 3’s as well as higher levels of antioxidants such a vitamin A and E. 

All round, certified organic meat is better for our environment, the animals and us. 

“Good grazing management preserves vegetation which improves soil health, increases water retention, reduces erosion and stores more carbon in vegetation and soil.” – OBE Organic

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