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Longreach Organic Lamb

Our certified organic lamb comes from Longreach, the heart of outback Queensland. Produced by Cam and Jen Lindsay on their family owned and operated farm – Longreach Organic Lamb.

Producing Australian White Lambs, Longreach organic lamb are known as ‘the Wagyu of lamb.’ Nurturing their lambs from paddock to plate, LOL practice low stress handling of their livestock as it ensures a natural and ethical life for the animal and influences the tenderness and quality of the meat.
With a range of diverse and seasonal native grasses available, they consume purely a grass-fed diet free from sprays and chemicals. Certified Organic grass-fed meat is also higher in essential omega’s and has a higher nutritional content than conventional lamb.
Producing sustainable lamb, pasture management is a primary focus for LOL as it equates to the consistent quality of the lamb and ensures the preservation of vegetation.


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