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Bendele Farm

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OBE Organic

OBE Organic is committed to the provision of high quality organic grass-fed beef to their consumers worldwide. Founded in 1995 OBE Organic is Australia’s first international organic beef distributor that produces ethically and sustainably produced beef from the Channel Country of Australia. 


Benedale Farm

Situated in Kilkivan, Queensland, a family run farm that produce free range and certified organic poultry- chicken, ducks and turkey. 



Longreach Lamb

Longreach prides their organic lamb to be ‘The Wagyu of Lamb’. This Grass fed lamb is ethically and sustainably farmed in Longreach, Queensland.


If Pigs Could

From the fertile yet steep hills of the Northern Rivers, If Pigs Could are raising certified organic pigs in a true free-range way. These pigs consume lush green pastures supplemented with certified organic feed when needed and roam freely around the property. Free from chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics, this is true pork as it should be.



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