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Grown on their certified organic family owned and operated farm in Kilkivan, Southeast Queensland, Fred and Sarah do an amazing job at producing true certified organic, free range poultry.
The flocks have access to roam and forage in their natural environment all day long and are put into secure pens at night to keep them safe. These birds consume the natural environment and vegetation while roaming around the property. They are also supplemented with certified organic feed when needed. 
The birds are exposed to natural sunlight and fresh air all day long living a natural, happy, and stress-free life as nature intended. 
All birds are hand processed on the farm to avoid any stress in transportation which not all poultry organic producers do. Transportation impacts poultry the most due to the smaller size of the animal. The vibration, noise, and temperature alone during the transportation of poultry causes a higher mortality rate. The stress causes alterations in the biochemical and physiological cell of the bird, reducing the quality and nutritional value of the meat.
Certified Organic poultry contains higher amounts of omega 3 essential fatty acids and is free from any hormones and antibiotics. Not only do hormones and antibiotics cause havoc on our health, they also impact the animal and affect the animals quality of life. 
When hormones are injected into an animal to speed up the growth process, the synthetic hormones interact with the animals’ natural hormones and have been proven to cause aggressiveness, swelling and chronic stress conditions which is poor treatment for the animal and is also reflected in the quality of meat. 
Supporting family producers like Fred and Sarah from Bendele Farm ensures more poultry is produced in an ethical and sustainable way. They put a lot of love and hard work into ensuring these chickens live a natural, happy and stress-free life as nature intended. 

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