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From the fertile yet steep hills of the Northern Rivers, If Pigs Could, are raising certified organic pigs in a true free-range way. These pigs consume lush green pastures supplemented with certified organic feed when needed and roam freely around the property. Free from chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics, this is true pork as it should be.
'We are not entirely sure that all or any of this possible in the short timeframe of our hectic, money-making lives, but we have the intent.' 

'We are very conscious of the challenges facing the world and would like to make a positive difference. We would like to sequest more carbon than we leach into the atmosphere, we would like to leave this spot of land in a better condition than we found it, we would like to show our respect to those who lived here for centuries by caring for this land from beneath the ground up - with the knowledge that, in fact, it is the land who cares for us. We would like to offer a viable alternative to conventional pork production and consumption and we would like to have a moment to sit and admire.' 

'And why certified organic? There are many fine free range pork producers these days, but the certified organic movement ensures that we also support the certified organic broad acre farmers who are, in turn, looking after the land with their minds in the soil and the health of the micro-organisms residing within it.' - If Pigs Could

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