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Certified Organic 1/8 Beef

From $650.00 to $700.00

Our Certified Organic grass fed Beef is available to purchase in an 1/8th side of beef. Not just an economical and sustainable way to purchase, eating 'nose to tail' ensures you are receiving all of the nourishing essential vitamins and minerals your body requires for everyday functioning. 

Whats included when breaking down an 1/8th side of beef (25kg):

1kg x Rib Fillet Steak
2kg x Rump Steak
1kg x Sirloin Steak
500g x Eye Fillet Steak
2kg x Diced Beef
1.5kg x Blade Roast
1kg x Osso Bucco 
1kg x Oyster Blade
2kg x Nitrite free Corned Silverside 
2kg x Brisket
6kg x Beef Mince
3kg x Pure Beef Sausages (certified organic beef, salt & pepper)
2kg x Beef Femur Bones

Product sold fresh apart from bones and suet. 
Total Weight - 25kg

Please note:
- We require one weeks notice for orders on whole beef options as all orders are processed fresh to order.

There are two packaging options which include:
* Cryvac all cuts in bulk - $26.00 kg 
* Cryvac into smaller pre-packs, eg into 500g packets, 2 steaks to a pack - $28.00 kg

- If you order an 1/8 of beef along with other products for delivery we will be in touch to confirm the delivery day due to the lead time for processing the quarter beef. 


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