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Christmas - Regeneratively Farmed Tin Shed Whole Chooks

From $30.00 to $57.05
Our poultry is 100% pasture raised, hormone-free and chemical free.

These whole chooks are from The Tin Shed farm based in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast. Using a farming model based on soil regeneration, sustainable living and eating.

Whole pasture raised chickens raised on a regenerative farm. Fed a soy free feed, these chooks live in a clean, healthy and stress free environment with no use of antibiotics or other chemical treatments, and without artificial growth promoters. Their daily forage consists of wild treats, fresh grasses and supplemented with quality grain mixes, apple cider vinegar and calcium. 

These chooks makes a delicious succulent roast!

Due to working with a small producer and the supply and demand at Christmas time, this product will be sold frozen. 

Please note - you can order this product for this weeks delivery, or select from our two Christmas delivery days which are:

- Friday 15th December

- Friday 22nd December 


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