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Our certified organic tomahawk steak is sold in individual portion cuts.

Such an eye-catching steak, the tomahawk is a rib steak on the bone. The long rib bone is French trimmed, leaving an amazing, presented steak which will be the talk of the table. This piece of meat has an awesome flavour thanks to being on the bone, and a perfect amount of marble which gives a tender steak.

Searching for the perfect tomahawk steak near you? Our tomahawk steak is certified organic and free from any artificial flavours, ingredients, preservatives, hormones, or antibiotics.

Produced by OBE Organic located in the Lake Eyre basin, our tomahawk steak is ethically produced and sustainably farmed. Importantly, all cattle are grass-fed and able to roam freely on farmland. All organic tomahawk steaks are also delivered fresh each week to ensure a tomahawk cut that is full of natural flavour. Order online today and receive home delivery available to the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast regions. 

One piece will feed up to two people and we guarantee you won't be disappointed!

To cook, simply sear either side and then leave to slow roast in the oven or BBQ. Then pair with roasted vegetables or a salad to complete the meal. For more recipes and meal-time inspiration, head to our blog.

Order online now with Australian Organic Meat Co and support sustainable and ethical farming practices.

Please note - Rib bone can come cut shorter depending on our product supply which means more meat and less bone. 

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